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NFTs are the next big thing in the world of blockchain technology. The closer we are getting to Web 3.0, the more dominant NFT is getting in terms of reach and popularity. NFT or Non-Fungible tokens can be anything from an image to video, audio, or just a simple form of art. Some of the most popular NFTs in the past have been sold for millions of dollars, showing the increasing popularity of NFTs.

In this article, we will explore 5 websites to mint NFTs for Free. But before that let’s understand “What Minting of NFTs is?”.

What is minting of NFTs?

Minting is a process where the NFT exchange platform will turn a digital file into a digital asset and will launch it on the blockchain network like Ethereum, Polygon, etc. Blockchain then stores your Digital Asset(keys) in a manner that it is safeguarded from removal or modification.

Apart from the gas fee or the minting fee, many platforms also charge a separate fee from both the buyers and sellers when the NFT is sold in the marketplace. The amount they charge would vary from one NFT market exchange to another. For most of the NFT exchange marketplace, the gas fee is very high especially when they are Ethereum based.

It is why NFT creators are often looking for a platform to mint nft for free. If you are looking for such a free platform where you can mint non-fungible tokens for free, here are the top five platforms to do so.

Before we list down the best platforms to mint non fungible token for free, there are a few things you should be aware of. One of the primary things is to ensure that the digital art you will be minting belongs to you. It should have been created by you or you should have all the ownership rights for the same.

NFTs are unique, which is what decides their value as well. Also, you need to select an NFT exchange platform based on the blockchain networks the exchange platform supports.

Example of high-value NFTs

Some of the most popular NFT collections in the past which have gained a lot of limelight and value are Dribblie, CryptoPunks, Bored Ape Yacht Club Flyfish Club, and a lot more. What is more interesting is that anyone can create an NFT and sell it on the NFT exchange. The only problem with most of the NFT exchange markets is that they charge a gas fee or minting fee from the NFT owner to do so.

Hence, we have prepared a list of websites to mint NFTs for free below.

Top Websites to Mint NFTs for Free

1. OpenSea

OpenSea is one of the most recommended and used NFT exchange platforms to mint NFTs for free. It is the home to projects like BAYC and Azuki. The overall process of minting an NFT on this platform is very easy.

Websites to Mint NFTs for Free #1 - OpenSea
Websites to Mint NFT for Free #1 – OpenSea Homepage

With an easy-to-use interface, the platform is great for even beginners. It has the support for all kinds of digital assets from the virtual world, collectibles, art, photography, audio, and more.

One of the best parts of using OpenSea is that it supports various wallets. Metamask and Coinbase wallet are the most popular options among all. Moreover, it has support for more than 150 cryptocurrencies which can be used as a payment method.

More about How to install Metamask here.

It offers the users the option of Klatyn, Polygon, and Ethereum blockchain for their NFTs. The platform has also launched a gas-free minting option. Here they do not charge for minting the asset but have a 2.5% charge for every transaction on their platform.

It is also a great platform if the creator or the owner of the NFT wants to charge a royalty for using their NFT on this platform. It allows creators to charge 10% in royalty fees from the users.

2. Rarible

If you are looking for a different NFT marketplace apart from OpenSea, then you should go for Rarible. It is considered to be the second best NFT marketplace to mint nfts for free. The market is great for creators who want to sell NFT, especially related to art and photography. Just like OpenSea, it provides support for various blockchains like Ethereum, Flow, and Tezos.

Websites to Mint Non Fungible Tokens for Free #2 - Rarible
Websites to Mint Non Fungible Tokens for Free #2 – Rarible Homepage

As a creator, you can select to sell a single NFT or a collection of NFT on the marketplace. If you choose Ethereum, you will be charged a gas fee. For Tezos you will be charged a very low price of $0.5 for minting. However, you can also opt for the “lazy minting” option which will allow you to create or mint the NFT for free and the buyer of the NFT will have to pay the gas fee after purchase.

Rarible also has its own token called RARI. If you have RARI, then you will also have the authority to vote for upgrades that the developers want to introduce in RARI. Overall, it can be a great option for minting NFT for free.

3. Binance NFT

Binance does not need any type of introduction as it is one of the most popular cryptos and NFT marketplace. It is a great option for NFT creators and traders who are looking for a platform that can provide them will all kinds of features.

Websites to Mint Non Fungible Token for Free #3 - Binance NFT
Websites to Mint Non Fungible Token for Free #3 – Binance NFT

It is completely future-proof. For now, Binance charges just 1% per transaction for minting NFTs. This charge is very low when compared to other NFT markets.

If you are new to Binance, then you will be allowed to mint nfts for free, but only the first 10. After that, you will be charged 0.005 BNB for each NFT your mint.

The platform also gives you an option to cash out the money in fiat currency. In case you already own the BNB or Binance tokens, then the buying and selling process of the NFT is going to be much smoother and easier because of the native support. Binance NFT platform allows the user to bid through crypto like BNB, BUSD, or ETH.

Since Binance is already a big name in the crypto market, it has been able to successfully have partnerships with many different NFT creators.

4. Nifty Gateway

When NFT just came into the market, the first most expensive trade for it was made on Nifty Gateway. The NFT named Beeple’s CROSSROAD was sold on the same platform for millions. The world’s most expensive NFT was also sold on the same platform for $91.8 million. Due to this, it gained a fair amount of popularity and is one of the most sorted NFT marketplaces by celebrities as well.

Websites to Mint NFTs for Free #4 - Nifty Gateway
Websites to list my NFT for Free #4 – Nifty Gateway

Therefore, if you are working on a premium collection of NFT and are looking for a higher price when selling it, then this is the platform you should go for.

Nifty Gateway uses “open edition”, which creates an unlimited number of variants for a specific time and retails at a fixed price. Once the timer runs out, the creator cannot issue any more NFT from that collection.

This method is used to create a sense of exclusivity and provides higher sales as well. Creators will also have an option to receive the payment for the NFT sale in fiat currency.

The best thing about this platform is that does not charge a minting fee for on-platform transactions and lists NFTs that are available for sale on other platforms like OpenSea.

5. Async Art

Last on our list is Async Art, which mainly focuses on programmable art. The platform currently supports NFT creation only on Ethereum. NFTs on this platform include layers, which is uncommon on another platform. There is a separate master, which is the full NFT, where the layers are discrete elements that can be used to customize NFT.

Websites to Mint NFT for Free #5 - Async Art
Websites to Mint NFT for Free #5 – Async Art

The minting process on this platform tokenizes each layer, which allows several artists to contribute in an NFT, just like a programmable application. It is one of the unique features which allow the NFT creators to collaborate with each other and create something unique.

It also offers the feature of Blueprints, which is similar to the collection feature on other platforms. The new users on this platform can mint an NFT on the base price till a specified limit. After this, the price will vary as per the market conditions.

It also supports other features like gasless minting, which allow the users to create Gasless Autonomous Art. It allows the users to specific rules for each layer, which allows understanding of the artist’s vision at the time of minting.


These are some of the best and the most popular NFT exchange where you can mint NFT for free. While some offer free minting of the NFTs an unlimited number of times, some of these platforms have free minting for a limited number, and a nominal charge afterward.

The charges on NFT minting depend on the types of blockchain network the users select while minting. Selecting a blockchain like Ethereum will never be free. However, by selecting other blockchain options like Polygon on OpenSea, users can mint the NFT for free.

There are many more such platforms available like SuperRare, MakersPlace, and more. However, before selecting an NFT marketplace, make sure that it fulfills your requirements and the type of NFT you are selling. Interestingly, you can also create an NFT on your mobile and upload them directly to the marketplace for trade.

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