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All cryptocurrency mining pools employ an algorithm to distribute mining tasks and collect them back from pool participants. By distributing mining tasks among its members, a pool will function in this way to simplify and expedite mining tasks.

We will refer Bitcoin mining here as an example because it is the most famous crypto that can be mined.

The best Bitcoin mining pools are those with a variable difficulty algorithm that allows for the assignment of more challenging tasks to participants with higher hash rates and a simpler task to less powerful miners. Most pools use this type of algorithm.

The Bitcoin mining pools that are discussed in this tutorial can also be used to mine other cryptocurrencies that use the SHA-256 algorithm. All the pools on the list, though, can be used to mine numerous additional Proof of Work algorithms. Let us see the Best mining pools.

Which mining pool should you join?

A variable difficulty algorithm enables a balanced flow of hash data to the pool server. Because of this, regardless of the hash rate, all miners have an equal chance of winning rewards. When the frequency of sending resultant data back to the pool exceeds the predetermined time (the idea is 16 to 20 times per minute), it will make mining more difficult.

Setting a difficulty on miners is irrelevant because the majority of Bitcoin mining pools use variable difficulty algorithms.

It is best to join a Bitcoin mining pool with a high hash rate when it rewards miners with the highest hash rate if you have the best and most up-to-date mining hardware for that algorithm and cryptocurrency; otherwise, doing so will result in less fairly distributed chances of receiving rewards or having your hash rate accepted.

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Is a pool with a higher hash rate better?

Yes, it is better, you answered. But because algorithms favor distributing mining tasks among those with higher hash rates, some Bitcoin mining pools with higher hash rates or the largest ones tend to favor them.

Most of them have a balanced task distribution that makes it possible for miners with low hash rates to make money. When choosing a crypto mining pool, always consider the task distribution method. It will help you to choose the Best mining pools.

1. Braiins Pool (formerly Slush Pool)

Best Mining Pools #1 - Braiins Pool
Best Mining Pools #1 – Braiins Pool

With over 15,000 people mining Bitcoin and 760 mining Zcash, Braiins Pool is one of the largest and oldest Zcash and Bitcoin mining pools.

The business operates mining pools for Bitcoin and Zcash with servers in Europe, the USA, Canada, Singapore, Japan, and Russia. They have a proprietary Braiins OS program for auto-tuning to increase mining hash rates and reduce power usage on various mining hardware. Braiins Pool is one of the Best mining pools.

How to mine on Braiins Pool:

  • Choose between Bitcoin and ZCash as the cryptocurrency you want to mine.
  • Purchase appropriate mining equipment or rent hash rates for the cryptocurrency you want to mine. Install the proper mining software for the purchased device.
  • Browse the Braiins Pool website. Register, check your email, then log in. To learn how to configure your miners and equipment to this pool, click on Bitcoin Mining Setup or ZCash Mining Setup.
  • Locate the worker’s username, password, and pool address from your web account.
  • Get mining and monitoring going.


  • Advanced real-time mining monitoring.
  • Get notifications about your miner activity using the iOS and Android mobile apps.
  • Crypto mining news every day.
  • Choose the payment schedule.

2. F2 Pool

Best Mining Pools #2 - F2Pool
Best Mining Pools #2 – F2Pool

F2Pool was one of the first mining pools for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, established in 2013. The pool can be used for merged mining, or the process of mining multiple cryptocurrencies on various blockchains. Free coins can also be obtained by mining Bitcoin using a pool.

It is currently the largest bitcoin mining pool, with an 18% share of the total Bitcoin hash rate. This is one of the Best mining pools.


  • It uses over 100,000 mining devices worldwide to host mining for users.
  • There are numerous pools for cryptocurrencies besides Bitcoin, such as Eth, Litecoin, BCH, Ravencoin, Ravencoin Classic, 40 proof-of-work cryptocurrencies, etc.
  • Mobile apps for iOS and Android can be used to track mining activity.
  • Customized payouts.

On F2Pool, here is how to mine bitcoins:

  • Log in after making an account on the website. To configure your miners to the pool, create an account_name.
  • Using the Bitcoin wallet app of your choice, create a wallet address.
  • Decide on a payout threshold and payment wallet address.
  • Get your mining gear and get connected to power. Give each mining device a worker’s name and enter the mining f2pool URL from their website.
  • Start mining after saving the settings.

3. ViaBTC

Top Mining Pools #3 - ViaBTC
Top Mining Pools #3 – ViaBTC

With 16,400 active workers, ViaBTC is one of the world’s top 5 largest mining pools, accounting for 11.44% of the total BTC mining hash rate. People can also mine Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, and more than ten other cryptocurrencies. There are also options for fixed annual prices, but the cost of its mining farms varies depending on the weather.

ASICs, CPUs, GPUs, and cloud hash rates can all be used for mining. It has a hash rate of 20422.07 PH/s and is the fourth-largest mining pool. And that is why it makes upto our list of the Best mining pools.

How to mine bitcoin using ViaBTC:

  • Log in after creating an account on the website. Investigate mining equipment, profitability, payment methods, etc.
  • The software installation and the purchase of miners for the desired cryptocurrency.
  • Go back to the website and select the cryptocurrency you want to mine. The payment mode for each coin to mine can be selected from the dashboard.
  • Configure the mining machines’ mining pool addresses and worker and lookup configuration settings according to the website’s instructions.


  • Multi-currency wallet.
  • Multicurrency pool.
  • Crypto exchange for multiple currencies.
  • Decentralized trading and the CoinEx Smart Chain.
  • Hedging services and loans in bitcoin.
  • Trading cloud hash rates and mining.
  • Per terra hash, the daily profit from mining bitcoins is $0.319.
  • 161 140 EH/s is the bitcoin mining hash rate.

4. Bitmain (through its Strategic Partner AntPool)

Top Mining Pools #4 - AntPool
Top Mining Pools #4 – AntPool

Bitmain, the company that makes Antminer ASICS, manages the mining pool. It offers clear ranking statistics on which users are mining which tokens and information on their power usage, hash rates, electricity costs, fee ratios, daily profits, and 24-hour returns.

Here is how to mine bitcoin on

  • Ask for a wallet address. This can be done on any cryptocurrency exchange or platform, including
  • Register, verify your email or mobile number, and log in at https://pool . btc . com. Then, choose the currency to mine, the region that is most convenient for you, and set up a sub-account name.
  • Purchase a miner, connect it to a network, plug it in, and use a card in accordance with the instructions in the user manual to mine the cryptocurrency you need. Download IP reporter software, connect the miner to the same network as the computer, and set up as instructed by the website.

The following characteristics:

  • For tracking mining activity and statistics, there are apps for Android and iOS in addition to the web app.
  • Support for mining multiple currencies.
  • Daily earnings for a Terra Hash are $0.32.
  • 13.630 EH/s is the bitcoin mining hash rate.
  • According to the earning proportion you’ve specified, distribute profits to various addresses.

5. Poolin

Top Mining Pools #5 - Poolin
Top Mining Pools #5 – Poolin

Another one on the list of Best Mining pools is Poolin. Despite allowing users to mine 10 other cryptocurrencies, the mining pool currently has 2,358,175 workers mining BTC. Additionally, it gives each miner’s price, hash rate, power consumption, 24-hour revenue, and other information, as well as a transparent miner profitability ranking.

How to mine bitcoin using Poolin:.

  • Go to www. and register for an account. using email and phone, visit, and sign in. Make a bitcoin wallet address.
  • Make a sub-account at the website and enter your payment information, including your address, etc.
  • Connect to the pool after configuring the miner in accordance with the website’s instructions. Connect the miner to the Internet, identify the miner’s IP address using IP Scanner, log in to the miner using a PC browser, and change the miner’s configurations, including the worker name, mining address, and password.
  • Begin mining while saving.


  • Monitoring mining stats and other information is possible on iOS, Android, and web platforms.
  • Tutorials and guides for mining.
  • $0.32 per Terra hash in daily earnings. Each mining device has a different daily earning potential, but the Antminer S19 XP can generate up to $42.32 in daily profits.
  • 21.01 EH/s is the pool hash rate.

6. Bitfury

Top Mining Pools #6 - Bitfury
Top Mining Pools #6 – Bitfury

Additionally, Bitfury manages data centers for cryptocurrency mining that use immersion cooling. Small, medium, and large-scale businesses that want to mine Bitcoin effectively should use the Bitfury Tardis Server. Upon ordering, they can be powered up, connected to the Internet, and set up to the mining pool. Once this is done, people can start receiving their mined BTC.

BlockBox AC, a full-size portable Bitcoin mining data center that also offers remote monitoring via a web browser or mobile apps, is the company’s other mining apparatus for sale.

Bitcoin mining instructions at Bitfury:.

  • Investing directly in institutional investor programs via data center investments. Funds, private equity, and other instruments also offer investment opportunities.
  • Purchase mining equipment, connect it to power and the Internet, and begin mining if you are self-hosting, or let the company host it while you watch over it remotely.
  • It has the following characteristics:
  1. For those who purchase the servers, immediate support is available.
  2. A 350-unit minimum order is required.
  3. Discussions with you about your unique mining setup.
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The ability to mine multiple cryptocurrencies, auto-switching algorithms, and good payment options are something else you should look into, and the majority of the pools on this list let you select from a variety of options.

Fees, which ought to be the lowest, are yet another crucial factor to take into account. The possibility of zero-fee mining with Braiins Pool’s proprietary Braiins OS software should be considered.

The majority of the options on the list let you connect CPUs, GPUs, ASICs, or rented hash rates, but none of them support Bitcoin mining on smartphones.

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