What Are Initial NFT Offerings? 4 Reasons To Try Them

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Whenever an NFT project is thought of by a blockchain company the first step is to make people aware of it before the actual launch. It is necessary to initiate the interest of multiple NFT buyers.

Apart from that it also creates a source of funding for the early development of the NFT project. Although there are lots of sources through which it could be done. There is no specific way of doing it, until now. 

Initial NFT Offering or INO launchpads are basically a platform through which the companies or NFT creators can approach many people at once and get funding for the creation of the project in the initial stage.

It helps in creating hype for the upcoming NFT project. Moreover, it also ensures a number of investors for the same. 

These fundraiser platforms are designed on a decentralized platform, which offers complete transparency and better security as well. The allocation process for each Initial NFT Offering launchpad differs. But mostly a tier based allocation system is implemented for proper allocation to all investors. It further increases the usage of cryptocurrency. Moreover, it helps new NFT entities and platforms raise funds and nurture their project for recognition.

1. What is Initial NFT Offering(INO)?

What is Initial NFT Offering
What is Initial NFT Offering

INO is a new type of crowdfunding platform which is sold at the very early stage of an NFT project. It is held for a limited time only or for the allocation of a specific number of tokens. 

It is done to promote an NFT project, where the NFT could be a collection or just a single asset. NFT is a representation of art, image, music, video and more in a digital form. The tokens that are offered during the INO are basically unique and cannot be exchanged or traded for the same token. 

2. Advantages of an Initial NFT Offering(INO)

Advantages of Initial NFT Offering
Advantages of Initial NFT Offering

Differentiation of Project

NFTs have grown at a very rapid rate over the last couple of years. Where only selective NFT creators existed, there are a lot more NFT creators in the market right now.

Since more and more NFT creators are joining the domain, making it unique and recognizable among the other NFTs is very important for its success. It is why Initial NFT Offering launchpads are considered to be very important.

Leverage Expertise of INO launchpads 

INO launchpads are considered to be an easy platform for the launch of any NFTs. This is true for them even when the NFT creators are beginners. It does not require any kind of special expertise but can still provide a lot of exposure to any new NFT creator.

In the INO, limited people are allowed to have limited edition NFTs, which increases the exclusivity of the NFT collection. Apart from that, the NFT creators get wider exposure. 

Better Exposure

An NFT project requires funds and time to create them in the best possible manner. It is why INO launchpads provide funds by exposing the project to the public. The initial NFT offering through these launchpads allows the creators to raise more funds during the NFT development phase. 

Cost Effective

INO allows the users to spend less on the transaction fee, so it offers guaranteed fewer transaction costs. Creators of the NFT also get a reduced transaction fee on the INO. This helps in preventing any large fee education that usually a creator of NFT has to pay. Further, it results in higher returns during the IN. And since the supply is limited for NFT the funds raised at higher in terms of value.

Easier KYC Verfication process for Users

The crowdfunding platform takes away the hassle of things like the verification process of Know Your Customer(KYC), Anti-Money laundering activities and even provides better security to the NFT creators and investors.

With an INO, even a small-scale investor can get partial ownership, with a high level of returns and less risk.

3. Best INO Launchpads

Best Initial NFT offering Launchpads
Best Initial NFT offering Launchpads

There are many good INO Launchpads available for NFT creators and projects. However, selecting one that provides all the features and have been popular among the community of NFT investors could be tricky.

Especially when there are so many INO platforms to choose from. Mentioned below is the list of some of the most popular INO Launchpads that have hosted many popular NFT projects in the past.

1. Seedify

Seedify already has a blockchain launchpad for the Metaverse application and it has been very popular for the features and support it provides to the users.

Similarly, this is their INO launchpad which provides similar offerings for the NFT creators. INO launchpads still remain uncharted territory and not many reliable launchpads are available right now. 

It is why Seedify entered the domain and has been able to provide a large community and funding source for NFT creators. The platform also provides a series of articles for new users which helps them understand how it works.

Seedify INO launchpads provide a lot of features for the NFT creators, like Presale access, Mint prices and more. It gives the users a chance to get whitelisted and are given a chance to purchase the NFT at the initial reserve price. 

While the initial offering of any NFT, the users can easily mint the NFT simultaneously. It evaluates the NFT project to ensure the quality and longevity related to the community investing experience. The NFT project on this platform is passed by 3 different professional NFT research teams and then provided to the community. 

They have different kinds of INOs for NFT creators. Whitelist or Minting Spot allows investors to subscribe to a lottery to participate in the raffle.

It gives them the right to join NFT at a mint price and purchase them. Similarly, Dutch Auction is another way through which Investors can purchase the NFT.  The NFT is open for auction with a starting price which decreases over time.

You can buy SFUND at:

2. Only1 

Only1 has gained a lot of popularity as an INO Launchpad and allows NFT creators to issue limited edition NFTs through the decentralized platform. It has a reach to a wider audience, which helps NFT creators in raising funds for their projects.

It provides an early community-building feature that allows the community to vote for the promising projects to be listed on the platform. 

The listed project which gets the maximum votes are also rewarded. It is one of the major reasons why potential investors look forward to investing in the NFT project through this launchpad. The platform also grants active users and token holders exclusive NFT project launches. This feature helps in building an early community for the creators, which brings active traders and experienced investors. 

It has lower transaction costs as it is running on the Solana Blockchain, which can provide better returns to both creators of the NFT and investors.

Only1 is also the first Solana-powered social platform which is a mix of social media, NFTs, DeFi, and native token LIKE. It offers Web 3.0 solutions to creator economy and fan engagement.

You can buy Only1 at:

3. Mochi Market

Mochi Pad was introduced last year as an interactive INO launchpad and since then, it has been able to establish its name in the list. It has listed a wide range of NFT products and provides an extensive suite of features for creators. It helps to provide better growth in crowdfunding campaigns and onboarding pattern utilities. 

Mochi Pad was introduced with the aim to bring together top-tier NFT projects, songs writers, digital artists, game utilities, creators and more together at one platform. Mochi Pad brings along a long list of features and functionality from the Mochi. Market’s decentralized ecosystem. As per them, they have fractionalization technology in their INO. 

It helps to provide the access to INO sales before the exchange listings. The users will be able to access the top-tier NFT projects, creators and artists as well. The platform also allows the partners to interact with the community and provides various kinds of utilities to the NFT holders. It uses the $MOMA tokens for allowing participation in the listing. The platform also allows all Non-NFt projects to offer NFTs through the INO launchpad.

4. AirNFTs

When it comes to NFTs, most of them are created for games. Most of them are avatars of players and characters as well. AirNFTs is one such INO launchpad platform that brings in the power of BSC, Fantom and Polygon for the creators. It helps to create awareness about NFT projects and helps generate funds for them.

The holders of native token $AIRT get all kinds of exclusive access like pre-sales of NFTs and selective NFT projects. The aim of AirNFTs is to bring as many NFT-based projects to life as possible. To use this launchpad, the creators have to simply approach promising projects with their roadmap. Once the arrangements are worked out between the NFT creators and the team, the project is listed on the launchpad page for a limited time to raise funds. 

Doing so brings out the exclusivity of the projects and helps gets better investment from interested investors. Using the AIRT token, holders can get access to public sales of the best NFT project. The same NFT project can also be launched for NFT trading through the same platform. The platform is great for NFT creators working on GameFi projects, NFT collections and their utility, and DeFi projects with NFT use cases.

You can buy AirNFTs at:

Should you go for an INO launchpad?

Should you try Initial NFT Offering
Should you try Initial NFT Offering

NFT has gained a lot of popularity in the last few years. Due to this, the number of NFT creators has spiked by multiple folds. Where only a few NFT artist existed in the past, with popular NFT collections, the number of NFT creators have increased now.

The more NFT creators, the more will be competition and the fight to promote the NFT collection and get more investors onboard. 

Therefore, it is all the more important that an NFT project should go for INO launchpads. These launchpads have a dedicated community of investors who are likely to invest in an NFT project recommended by the platform. 

Also, any new project needs the recognition of people to have a successful start. Through an INO launchpad, the NFT projects get the desired recognition and also funds that are necessary for their development in the initial stages.


The list of INO launchpads listed above has been the host for many new NFT projects in the last couple of years. It has surely provided these projects with the audience and funding that was required to sustain their growth and development. These are great platforms both for NFT creators and investors. 

This platform also provides many time-saving features for the creators like KYC of the customers who invest in the NFT project and more. With the use of an INO launchpad, NFT projects have a better chance of being successful.

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