Ledger Nano X Review: How To Decide My Buy In 2023?

Ledger Nano X Review - Cover

A handy, secure and sophisticated cold-storage wallet with a beginner-friendly approach


The hype around cryptocurrency and crypto assets is increasing by leaps and bounds in today’s world. Not even a day goes by when the news articles don’t readily boast about cryptocurrencies.

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that cryptocurrency has become a crucial part of our daily lives. In some or the other way, the trading ecosystem is revolving heavily around the cryptocurrency and its assets.

With the development of crypto currencies and tokens there arises a need for safely storing them.

The Centralized Exchanges are vulnerable to attacks by Hackers. Accordingly, the best alternative to store Cryptocurrencies narrows down to Hardware Wallets or Cold Wallets.

Hence, when it comes to cherry-picking the perfect hardware wallet for storing them, you shouldn’t shy away.  

In this very article, I will introduce you to one such tremendously popular hardware wallet. Synonymous to excellence and security, the Ledger Nano X leads the market. I am going to follow up with a detailed Ledger Nano X Review.

I don’t aim to squander any of your time. With that being the case, let’s dive into this descriptive analysis.

1. What are the Specifications of Ledger Nano X?

FeaturesLedger Nano X
1. Official WebsiteLedgerwallet.io
2. Dimensions72mm x 18.6mm x 11.75mm
3. Weight34g
4. # Cryptocurrencies Supported5500
5. ConnectorUSB Type-C
6. Built MaterialBrushed stainless steel and plastic.
7. FirmwareClosed Source
8. Battery Life5 Years
9. Bluetooth EnabledYes
10. List of Coins supportedClick here >>
Ledger Nano X Review – Specification Table

2. The Ledger Nano X – Blazing new trails in the crypto industry

I bet that you must be wondering what a Ledger Nano X actually is. That is the first question any new investor would have.

Ever wondered if there is a way to secure all your digital assets in one place? The clear-cut answer to that is – A BIG YES! A digital currency hardware wallet runs the interference for the same.

Ledger Nano X Review
Ledger Nano X Review – Homepage

So what exactly is a digital currency hardware wallet?

It basically is a cryptocurrency wallet aiming at securing the client’s private keys. Private keys pertain to cryptographic sequences of numbers or letters. These promptly allow someone an access to crypto funds and encoded cryptographic data.

Hence, these hardware wallets permit the storage of cryptographic assets. Additionally, one can even expect them to secure all of their digital payments. 

For information sake, every cryptocurrency has a public and a private key. As the names suggest Public key of the cryptocurrency is visible to everyone. However, Private key is available only to the owner.

Currently, the Ledger Nano X is leading the market by surpassing the security standards set by its predecessors. It is precisely the most secure way to deal with all your cryptos and NFTs.

Moreover, it comes with a Bluetooth, something that a Nano S might lack. This Bluetooth-enabled hardware wallet works with a Ledger Live application.

Believe me when I say that all this is a low-hanging fruit. Once you know how to go about this process, operating it becomes a pushover.

Let’s now walk through this journey by aptly illustrating its setup and usage in our journey of the Ledger Nano X Review.

3. The Ledger Nano X – Setting up & Usage

Ledger Nano X Review - Usage
Ledger Nano X Review – Usage

Setting the Ledger Nano X up isn’t a tough row to hoe. The following guide will make the process sound as easy as it already is.

Before setting the Nano X up, you will need to download the Ledger Live Application. Furthermore, make sure that you have a Nano X compatible device with an adaptable operating system. It can be either a PC with

  • Linux,
  • MacOS 10.10,
  • Windows 8.1, or
  • A smartphone with iOS 9 or Android 7. 

The utilisation of Ledger Nano X is exceptionally basic and easy. There are just two buttons accessible making the utilisation and setting up a cakewalk. The buttons have two functionalities, which is: to explore and the other is to affirm just by squeezing both the buttons.

Albeit, the Ledger Live App shows doesn’t fail to be descriptive about all the guides for the set up, that too in an intelligent way. Additionally, it won’t take you more than 5 minutes to get the set up prepared. 

For the set up you really want to follow the hereunder guide:

  1. To begin with, just open the Ledger Live App.
  2. Interface the USB link and press the button until the logo starts to pop up on the screen.
  3. Adhere to the directions showing up on the screen and consequently utilise the route buttons to push forward.
  4. Accordingly set pin codes and set up your gadget.
  5. Digitally pen down and set-up your 24-word recovery phrase. Proceed by confirming the same.

Congratulations! Your Nano X is now successfully set up.

4. Ledger Nano X Review – Why should I buy it?

Ledger Nano X Review - Advantages
Ledger Nano X Review – Advantages

Ledger Nano X is certainly famous for the pros attached with its usage. This Ledger Nano X Review will indisputably throw some light upon some of the advantages that will convince you to go for a Nano X.

  • One gets to flex the Nano X as it is a hassle-free cool wallet gadget.
  • The battery duration is admirably enduring with 100mAh power.
  • Has a large internal storage, spacious enough for 100 crypto applications.
  • It requires no additional links, other than when you charge it.
  • Delivers user satisfaction with a powerful 8 hours of continuous working without being re-charged.
  • Besides, it comes well-equipped with a sophisticated design.
  • Contemporarily in plan with a smooth body structure with a metallic finish.
  • As far as display and weight, the gadget grants around 72mm*18.6mm*11.75mm of display and the overall weight of the gadget is 34 grams( the gadget isn’t a hefty load).
  • It is handily upheld by both the iOS and Androids.
  • It additionally permits the consolidated trade.
  • An exceptional and a robust steel case.
  • Albeit, this Ledger Nano X is additionally not furnished with a touch screen however when contrasted with the Ledger Nano S (the economic Ledger Model), it has a much bigger showcase making it more straightforward to chip away at.
  • There is additionally a DeFi usefulness which is utilised with the Ledger Live App.

5. Ledger Nano X Review – What are the shortcomings ?

Ledger Nano X Review - Disadvantages
Ledger Nano X Review – Disadvantages

Despite how strong of a contender the Ledger Nano X is in the particular domain, yet it is not fully perfect. However, the pros of having a Nano X surely overpower the cons of having one. Still, have a look at some of the below mentioned reasons why you might not want to purchase a Nano X.

  • Nonetheless, a Nano X has a larger internal storage, it misses the mark on touch screen included feature.
  • The safety of your crypto exclusively relies upon you since, in such a case that you lose the gadget, the security automatically becomes questionable.
  • Nano X has a great deal of positive highlights and is substantially easier to use, which is the reason the gadget is costly when contrasted with other alternatives.
  • These come equipped with an average pixel resolution of 128*64p.
  • The Ledger Nano X, most likely furnishes a decent battery duration with a durable battery, however the negative thing about it is that the battery has the ability to endure just 5 years, and furthermore the battery cannot be replaced. There is no battery support that Ledger provides.

    In case the battery runs out, you can connect your device via the USB cable.
  • One more against factor for the Ledger Nano X is its expense value, the gadget is fairly costly.
  • Moreover, the component adding to the drawback of the gadget is the recent Ledger information leakage.

6. Ledger Nano X Review : How secured is a Nano X?

Ledger Nano X Review - Security
Ledger Nano X Review – Security

The Nano X makes use of a ‘Secure Element’. This component is a unique sort of little chip intending to store cryptographic information.

The chip is planned in a certain way with multifarious attributes making it inviolable. It even has the ability to store applications that need high security. Besides, it is the most ideal to store information that is profoundly personal.

This security chip in Nano X essentially gets your private keys, segregates them, encodes them, and even stores them.

To make the security framework more successful the Ledger Nano X offers another layer of security. Folks refer to it as a unique operating system known as BOLOS.

Ledger doesn’t fail to recognize the significance of your crypto. Therefore, you get a compelling security layering and 24-words recuperation expression to make the most for the security reason.

Well for putting away your bitcoins as well as altcoins , this Ledger Nano X is a definitive security supplier. Notwithstanding the way that the Nano X puts the Bluetooth into service to interface over, still it has no security issues.

The Ledger Nano X Reviews certainly consist of appraisal of the device for its unsurpassable security. I bet that now you know the reason why it is so.

(When I was examining the Ledger Nano X cons, I certainly did reference the point about late information break. So on this, I would outlay the point that occurrences really do happen here and there, yet this can not bring up issues on the security given by the Ledger Nano X and consequently this could be overlooked for once.)

7. The Nano X : What is the Price?

Ledger Nano X Review - Price
Ledger Nano X Review – Price

Now let’s have a look at what the Ledger Nano X Reviews have to say about the price tag that the device bears. I am readily aware of the fact that a Nano X has a greater storage capacity than a Nano S. You might expect it to be on the greater side than the Nano S, when the cost price is taken into consideration.

The Ledger Nano X costs somewhere around $149. The Nano X under this cost accompanies a USB-C link and allows for the enabling of Bluetooth.

For investors actively participating in crypto trading, there couldn’t be a much better choice than a Ledger Nano X. You can check the official Ledger application to get your hands on this very device.

8. Ledger Nano X Reviews : Which cryptocurrencies are supported by the device?

Ledger Nano X Review - Cryptocurrency Supported
Ledger Nano X Review – Cryptocurrency Supported

Now let us analyse how many cryptocurrencies this premium device guarantees to store. In general, a Ledger Nano X will allow you to store 5500 altcoins. If we talk about the popular crypto stablecoins supported by the device and the Ledger Live Application, a few of them are as follows-

  • ERC20
  • SOL
  • BEP2
  • TRC10 
  • NEP5
  • Bitcoin (BTC) 
  • Dogecoin (DOGE) 
  • Litecoin (LTC) 
  • Cardano (ADA)
  • LINK Chainlink (LINK) 
  • Stellar (XLM) 
  • Polkadot (DOT)

The way that the Ledger Live App doesn’t permit or support a few resources, notwithstanding the way that a Nano X in all actuality does uphold those resources, makes all the difference.

A few unsupported resources on Ledger Live App are Ontology, IOTA, Neo, Monero, Tera, Vechain, and so forth.

9. The Nano X : Pocket-friendly alternatives in the Ledger outline

I know that although having a Nano X adds to one’s own benefit, it is a bit costly as compared to other hardware wallets. In this section of the article, I will introduce you to some of the few alternatives to the Ledger Nano X.

Please note that the devices mentioned below are not as feature rich as Nano X is.

  1. Ledger Nano S

A Ledger Nano S is an ideal fit for the individual who wishes to hold only a couple of digital forms of money for a brief timeframe. It readily assumes to store about 3 to 6 applications at once.

Although it doesn’t come with an outfitted Bluetooth service, it completely makes up for a price tag of $59. Apart from the device, a small USB-B cable is also supplied through the delivery box.

  1. Trezor Model One hardware wallet

Another alternative that you may consider buying is the Trezor One cold storage hardware wallet. For most open-source firmware fans Trezor is an optimal choice. Plethora of users find this open-source philosophy of Trezor very much convincing.

It costs somewhere around $70 on the official site of Trezor. Nonetheless, the price accounts for the quality and high-end services that it delivers.

With this, the Ledger Nano X Review gets successfully concluded.

Reviewing the Ledger Nano X : Concluding statement and our personal views

Conclusively, if I put forth my personal views, a Ledger Nano X is the best long-term investment that you can make.

Some loopholes can be thrown a blind eye to, given that they don’t affect the performance of the device drastically. However, I advise you not to go for used Ledger devices. They sure do have some noticeable complications within them and a high vulnerability.

Moreover, when purchasing a Ledger device, always make sure you buy them from trusted sellers. It is important that you keep your Key Phrase secure else there are serious repercussions.

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