Mammoth Kucoin Trading Bot Review 101: Is It Trustworthy?

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Are you struggling to keep up with your crypto trades due to limited availability of time?

KuCoin bots claim to reduce your trading stress. We are here with the KuCoin trading bot review to see if it’s as effective as it claims.

If you are into crypto trading, you certainly know the pain of maintaining the portfolio. Traders put in a lot of effort to research, build and manage a profitable portfolio. Trading starts as a side hustle for many but ends as a full-time job.

Being a successful crypto trader is even more difficult. The cryptocurrency market is very volatile. Even a small incident, news, or announcement shakes up the crypto space.

How can you maintain profitable crypto trades in such a scenario?

To help you manage your trades efficiently, KuCoin launched KuCoin Trading Bots in January 2021. The trading bots offer convenient, time-saving, and intelligent strategies to trades to remain ahead in the competitive market.

The KuCoin bot helps to manage the portfolio, reduce risks, smartly balance the investments, and size the perfect trading opportunities. With KuCoin trading bots you can enjoy your time while the AI bot works for you 24 hours. 

It can analyze the market sentiment and change charts to execute the best trades at the right time on your behalf.

With KuCoin trading bot review our focus is to uncover its features, usefulness, advantages, and disadvantages.

You can register for Kucoin Trading Bot here.

What Is KuCoin Trading Bot?

KuCoin trading bots are Artificial Intelligence-based bots that are designed to help you manage your trades, formulate strategies and maintain your portfolio. 

In simple words, bots are computer programs that assist in buying or selling crypto at the best possible price. The primary purpose of the bot is to boost profits while reducing the risks and losses. 

It is like a 24 hours trading assistant who is actively working on your trades. The bots have in-built smart trading strategies. You can choose these strategies while setting up the bot. It includes Spot Classic grid, DCA, Futures Grid, Infinity Grid (presently available only on the Kucoin App) and others. 

What makes these AI bots stand out in our KuCoin trading bot review is their smart rebalancing feature. The smart rebalancing feature automatically maintains your investment percentage in the volatile crypto market.

The trading bots are a boon to crypto traders, investors and holders. Credit to its innovative features, it has become one of the best features on the platform. Since its launch, users have created over 6.2 million bots. Collectively the trading bots have helped generate over $150 million profit for the KuCoin users.

What Are The Features Of KuCoin Trading Bots?

The KuCoin trading bot is user-friendly and ideal for newbie crypto traders and investors. It has several amazing features to kickstart your crypto journey.

Here are the features that stand out in our KuCoin trading bot review.

Free Services

Unlike other trading bots like Cryptohopper, KuCoin bots are free to use. It is completely free to use on the platform. You will have to pay the mandatory trading fees which is normally also charged by any Centralized Exchange. However, there is no monthly or yearly bot subscription charges. 

AI Bots

The bots use AI technology to smartly analyze the fluctuating crypto market and execute trades accordingly. As mentioned above, It is best for beginners. As a new crypto trader, you don’t have to struggle with the complex market. We will shortly discuss about a unique feature of Kucoin Trading Bot that helps new investors copy the trade of other successful investors.

You can customize the bot as per your trading goals to build your portfolio. The bots are already programmed to maximize your profits.

Works 24 X 7

KuCoin bot is your personal 24 hours trading assistant. It keeps an eye on the crypto market giving you time to focus on other important things in life.

With these bots, you don’t have to stay alert or spent time in front of a computer screen day and night. Let the trading bot do their work while you relax and make profits.

Access To Multiple Bots

KuCoin allows you to set up ten multiple bots to diversify your investment. You can employ different strategies to trade in multiple markets simultaneously. It also helps to reduce the risks by distributing your funds in multiple strategies.


KuCoin bot meets the security standard of the industry. It offers a secure and safe trading environment without API keys. With KuCoin bots you don’t have to depend on third-party automating applications.

Smart Strategies KuCoin Trading Bot Offers

Taking our KuCoin trading bot review forward. The Trading bot has ’s five strategies that help you generate profits. 

Classic Grid

Classic grid functions on the most basic strategy of the market. It works by selling your crypto at a high rate and buying at a low price. 

In the Classic grid, the KuCoin bot has 2 features.

  • AI parameters
  • Copytrading

In AI parameters, the bot is set to study the historical data and charts of the coin. It is how the bot decides when is the best time to buy or sell the crypto.

In the second setting, the bot copies the strategies of expert traders. On the KuCoin ranking page, you will find the top gainers of the platform. In a copy trading bot, you can view their bot set up and copy it to yours.

If you are a pro-trader, you can also customize the bot settings as per your preferred trading strategies.

DCA – (Dollar Cost Averaging)

DCA helps you to optimize your average entry point and reach your pre-set profit. 

Let us assume you are making a profit in Bitcoin. Now you want to invest 15% of your income in it. Manually buying Bitcoin frequently from the exchange is hectic. But DCA makes it simple for you.

With DCA you can set a time and coin of your choice. The bot will buy the pre-chosen coin at your selected time automatically. Moreover, you can also set a profit margin. 

The bot will notify you as soon as you hit your investment target. You can stop the bot or continue to invest. 

DCA is an effective strategy in the financial market as no one can precisely predict the price movement. KuCoin gives you the opportunity to use automate this strategy using AI bots.

Future Grid

According to our KuCoin trading bot review, the future grid comes out as the best strategy. It is similar to the classic grid but goes one step ahead to maximize your profits.

Firstly, with the Future Grid bot, you can long or short a coin or token on the KuCoin Futures. Secondly, you can use leverages with this bot. The bot allows you to use 5 times leverage on crypto trades. It increases your profit possibilities.

However, leverages comes with higher risks. If leverage strategy is not used wisely, you can end up at a big loss.

Margin Grid 

With the Margin trading bot you can use the grid technique on margin trading. You can leverage your funds and increase your profits. 

You should not leverage large positions because a margin grid bot can expose you to huge risks similar to margin trading.

Infinite Grid

It is an evolution of the Classic Grid strategy. The price will never move beyond your chosen conditions or boundaries in the infinite grid. The bot mitigates the risk factors and saves you from huge losses.

Pros & Cons of KuCoin Trading Bots

Pros of KuCoin Trading Bots

We found the following advantages of the KuCoin bot that outshines it from others in our KuCoin trading bot review.

  • The trading bots automatically copies your repetitive tasks and execute them. Thus, helps you save a lot of time.
  • You no longer have to wait hours for the coin to reach a certain threshold. You can set the bot accordingly. the bot will automatically invest as the coin reaches your desired threshold.
  • KuCoin bots assist traders to seize the perfect opportunity in the market to make profits. Without much effort, the bot monitors the market and executes the trades at right time.
  • With the Smart Rebalance feature, the bot always keeps your investment portfolio balanced.
  • The best part of these bots is that you can use them for free.
  • Moreover, you don’t have to rely on third party trading bots, it is one exchange and that sorts everything for you. 
  • You can use the trading bot for over 100 cryptocurrencies and tokens.
  • You also get access to 10 trading bots simultaneously to divide your funds and diversify your portfolio.

Cons Of KuCoin Trading Bots

Though the disadvantages are less we still managed to point out some in our KuCoin trading bot review analysis.

  • You will have to invest a minimum of $100 to use bots.
  • At present, the bot only supports 5 trading strategies. 
  • The bot is pre-programmed.  So, you cannot feed your strategy into them. You are allowed to only customize the settings.
  • Even after configuring the bot properly, you may or may not always get the desired outcome. And still have to rely on your acumen to fine tune the bot.

Can I Trust KuCoin Trading Bots?

As per our detailed KuCoin trading bot review, it is credible and secure. When you compare KuCoin bots to others in the market, it offers the best features. 


To sum up, KuCoin trading bots are convenient to use, save time and help to generate surplus profit. The bot caters to both risk-takers and safe players.

With its diverse features and strategies, you can always choose what works best for you. As a preventive measure, please make sure you monitor this bot.

Whether you are a rookie or an expert crypto trader, KuCoin bots make it easy to simply crypto market and build a profitable portfolio.

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