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NFT or Non Fungible tokens are a hot topic in the market. Especially after some of the NFTs have been sold for millions in value. NFTs started gaining a lot of attention a couple of years back when a digital art painting, sold as NFT, went on to be sold for millions of dollars.

Ever since then, people have been trying to create their own unique NFTs. Although creating an NFT might not be that difficult, selling them and listing them on the NFT marketplace is a different story. Now, most of the NFT marketplace charges the users for listing and converting their content into an NFT. We will discuss, how to list NFTs for free in this article.

Now, websites charge a fee when they are sold on the platform. Many online and NFT users seek sources and platforms to list nonfungible tokens for free. There are some platforms online where you can list NFT for free. However, they also have certain disadvantages when compared to paid platforms. Let’s look at how one can select a free platform for NFT and sell them on it.

What are NFTs?

Before we sell NFTs for free, we need to understand what NFT is and what makes a particular NFT so valuable on the NFT exchange. Also, only when following certain criteria will you allow selling your NFT. NFT can be any content you create, or you have exclusive ownership rights for it. It can be an image, video, audio file, etc. 

The only criteria are that it should belong to you and should not have been copied from another source. NFTs are in rage right now, and almost everyone is going towards it. NFTs don’t exist in the physical world and are completely digital. 

The digital file is marked with a code to differentiate it from other digital replicas. NFTs can be made from collectible physical items as well. They can be purchased, sold, and traded at the same time. 

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Listing and Selling an NFT

Many different NFT exchange platforms allow you to mint and sell your NFT. However, most will charge a gas fee depending on which platform you list your NFT. Different NFT platform comes with their advantage and disadvantage. Here we will discuss the NFT exchange platform, which enables you to list your NFT and charges you any gas fee. 

The problem with the chargeable gas fee is that you will also have to sell your NFT at a much higher price to cover that fee. It makes selling the NFT much more difficult as well. Therefore, listing the NFT also helps the user to set the selling price competitively. Now there are not many options if you want to list NFTs for free, but there are a few trustworthy ones.

1. OpenSea

OpenSea is one of the best NFT exchanges right now if you want to list NFTs for free. It has no upfront gas fee, allowing creators to make an NFT for free. The NFT is not transferred on-chain until the first purchase or transfer is made. 

How to list NFTs for Free #1: OpenSea
How to list NFTs for Free #1: OpenSea

It uses the ERC-1155 standard, which partly helps with the gas fee minting process. It also allows OpenSea to add more features to its platform in the future. The entire interface of OpenSea is very user-friendly, and the process of creating and listing of NFT is very efficient. 

Although the listing of an NFT is completely free, you will still be charged for selling the NFT. Therefore, the user can adjust the price while selling the NFT. 

It is one of the most trusted platforms for selling NFT right now and has a trustworthy reputation. Here is how you can list NFTs for Free on OpenSea.

How to list NFTs for free on OpenSea

Step 1

How to list NFTs for Free on OpenSea - Step 1
How to list NFTs for Free on OpenSea – Step 1

Visit the website and connect an Ethereum wallet to OpenSea. OpenSea gives the users multiple wallet options, depending on whether they are already using a wallet. The most popular wallet option users select is MetaMask and Coinbase, as they are secure and easy to use. 

Step 2

How to list NFTs for Free on OpenSea Step 2
How to list NFTs for Free on OpenSea – Step 2

You have to Accept and Sign in to proceed further.

Step 3

How to list NFTs for Free on OpenSea - Step 3
How to list NFTs for Free on OpenSea – Step 3

Once the wallet has been connected, you must create an OpenSea Collection to list NFT for free. Click on the top right profile icon and select the My Collections option. You can create a new collection where the NFT will be stored. Add the images and names for your collection. You can also add a description and custom URL for it.

Step 4

How to list NFTs for Free on OpenSea - Step 4
How to list NFTs for Free on OpenSea – Step 4

Now you can set the royalty percentage, and it is what you will earn every time the NFT is resold to different users. Most users keep it at 10%, but it would completely be your choice. 

Step 5

How to list NFTs for Free on OpenSea - Step 5
How to list NFTs for Free on OpenSea – Step 5

Now select the correct blockchain for your collection. The most recommended on OpenSea are Ethereum and Polygon. However, if you want to list for zero gas fee, then Polygon is the option you should go for. 

Now you can start mining the NFT by selecting the collection and clocking on Add item. You can mention stats and unlockable content that one gets when they purchase NFT. Once it is minted, add a minimum selling price of $2. 

It is how you would mint and list NFTs for free and without any gas fee on OpenSea. The entire process is very easy, even for beginners. The website is very user-friendly and you will easily navigate the entire process.

2. Rarible

Rarible is very popular when it comes to listing NFTs for free. If you ask me, I would certainly prefer Rarible to list my nft for free. It comes with a new minting option called “Lazy minting,” which requires no gas fee nor the creation of smart contracts. Using a few lines of pre-existing code, Rarible allows you to mint the NFT for free. 

How to list NFT for Free #2: Rarible
How to list NFT for Free #2: Rarible

Due to this, there is no more need for Ethereum blockchain and redundant transactions for the platform’s sustainability. Minting on the Ethereum blockchain requires the users to pay the gas fee. With Lazy Minting, Rarible allows the users to bypass the minting procedure and create the NFT. 

The buyers and not the sellers bear the fees here. Once the NFT is listed, it remains on the marketplace unless acquired. However, the user must sign the minimum authorization using their wallet. It is free and secures the ownership of your NFT. The process to list NFT on Rarible is very simple and easy.

How to list NFTs for Free on Rarible - Step 1
How to list NFTs for Free on Rarible – Step 1
  • First of all you have to select the Wallet that should be connected. Metamask is the most popular wallet, however if you want to use Solana Blockchain you will need Phantom Wallet.
How to list NFTs for Free on Rarible - Step 2
How to list NFTs for Free on Rarible – Step 2
  • Visit the Rarible website and click on the Create button on the top right of the website. 
  • Once you click on Create, create a new collection, and add the images or any other type of content that you want to convert into an NFT. Also, add the description and further important details about it. 
  • Now click on the “Free minting” option to mint the NFT for free and click on Create Item. 
How to list NFTs for Free on Rarible - Step 3
How to list NFTs for Free on Rarible – Step 3
  • Once you sign the free authorization with the wallet, the NFT is minted and listed in the marketplace for free.

3. Mintable

As the name suggests, it is a great platform to list non fungible tokens for free. It is also a preferred website for users looking to mint and list the NFT in the most cost-effective ways. The website offers the user a registration process for free to produce and offers NFTs for sale. It is much easier for new users and seeks zero investment from the NFT artists. 

The NFT creators get access to a free minting and sale process through the website, which is also great for any beginner. The only issue with the website is the low traffic on their domain due to a lengthy registration process. The process to list NFT for free on mintable is very similar.

  • Visit the Mintable website and click on the Create option to create a new account on the website. 
  • After setting up the registration, select the Metamask wallet option and create a new item.
  • Add the item images, and add the description for the same. Once the details are filled out, you can provide the authorization through the wallet and list the NFT for free and without any gas fee.

The process is very simple, but it might not be as easy to navigate and use for beginners compared to OpenSea and Rarible. However, once you go through the long registration process, the listing and minting of the NFT are completely free.


Here are some of the most popular websites that allow users to list their NFTs for free. While some of the most popular NFT exchanges charge a gas fee upfront to mint and list the NFT, these websites charge the buyer of the NFT or charge the creator a percentage after the NFT is sold. 

Although these websites provide listing and minting for free, they do not lack features. They are one of the most secure and user-friendly platforms available on the internet. You can try any of these and list your NFT for free today. 

However, ensure that the NFT you are trying to list and mint are completely original. It should not be copied or listed without the proper ownership. Also, connect with the wallet accessible to you in your region or connect to the wallet you already have. 

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