Ellipal Titan Review [2023]: Is it worth your money?

Ellipal Titan Review


The Ellipal Titan is the first

  • Tamper-proof,
  • Fully metal-sealed,
  • Air-gapped cold storage wallet ever created.

    What makes it so secure? Well, there are a lot of reasons supporting that. We will understand the device more in this Ellipal Titan Review.

1. About the device

It can be bought directly from the manufacturer’s official site: Ellipal.com at just $139.00 (present offer price)

The company offers Free worldwide shipping for Hardware Wallet ELLIPAL Titan. You can buy Ellipal through PayPal as well. PayPal accepts all standard forms of payment in addition to cryptocurrencies.

The device comes in a tiny, foil-welded, black box. You can also order the item MNEMONIC Metal if you’d want to. It enables you to securely save the recovery seed (backup key) created during setup.

Data in case of Ellipal is transmitted using QR codes instead of USB, Wi-Fi, or Bluetooth connections with this hardware wallet. Which means that it is never connected to another device i.e. it is Air Gapped.

Transactions are carried out with just a few QR scans when used in conjunction with the Ellipal App. It has a large touchscreen and you can easily read the QR Codes with the integrated camera.

Your private keys are kept on the device offline. It is not connected to the internet to fall bait to hackers.

2. Contents of Box: Ellipal Titan Review

The ELLIPAL Titan hardware wallet comes with

  • a quick start manual,
  • an introduction & congratulations card,
  • two stickers,
  • and a note to record the recovery key.

    The Ellipal safety adapter is additional. It has a micro-USB port for charging the device and may be attached to the ELLIPAL Titan’s connectors on the bottom.

    Use the brief USB-A to Micro-B charging cable that is also there for this reason. Additionally, the adapter contains a Micro SD card connection that enables firmware updates. However, the necessary SD card is not a part of the delivery scope.

3. Hardware Specs

The hardware wallet itself has undergone significant advancements over its predecessor. Thanks to the aluminum alloy utilized instead of the plastic that was previously used, the housing is significantly more durable and valuable.

The air-encapsulated construction also offers the benefit of being water and dust-resistant.

According to the maker, the case’s 1400mAh battery has a standby battery life of 259 hours and has dimensions of 118x66x9.7mm, and weighs 138g.

4. Ellipal Titan Review: Setting Up of The Wallet

First, get the ELLIPAL app from your smartphone’s store. The ELLIPAL Titan is then activated, and account creation begins. You create an account name and a password for this reason.
The seed generates the hardware wallet, which we then utilize to create the cryptocurrency addresses. To restore your account, this can be backed up once using the recovery key.

Of course, you can restore an existing account rather than make a new one. A security key can be 12, 15, 18, 21, or 24 words long and accepted by ELLIPAL.

The “Connect” icon links to the app utilizing QR codes to complete the process.

You can keep your recovery seed safer if you bought the Mnemonic Metal. It is made of metal and is resistant to fire, water, mold, insects, and severe temperatures. It is lightweight and compact, making it easy to carry, and you can even attach a little lock to it.

5. Using the Mnemonic Metal

Mnemonic Metal is worth a mention in this Ellipal Titan Review because both go hand in hand and can prove to be completely secured tools.

Ellipal Titan Review - Mnemonic Metal
Ellipal Titan Review – Mnemonic Metal

Using the Ellipal Mnemonic Metal is simple.

You have to use the screwdriver to unscrew the metal plate, then pop out the letters you need to write your recovery phrase.

Although it only stores four letters for each word, you can still identify the word when trying to retrieve your wallet if you save the first four letters of the word.

Pushing from behind causes the letters to forcefully pop out of the metal frame; alternatively, you can bend the entire sheet to make removal simpler.

The Mnemonic Metal in the Ellipal Titan Bundle for just $20 more, normally selling for $49 alone, thus I would recommend purchasing it. It also provides you an assurance that your recovery speed is under extra protection.

6. Handling Ellipal Titan

If you wish to send bitcoins or make changes to your accounts, a hardware wallet is always a requirement. Without the hardware wallet, the accounts can still be seen via the app. The app also provides additional features like live coin tickers and current news.

7. Downloading the Ellipal App

You may either go to the Google Play Store or the Apple store and search for Ellipal, or you can scan the QR code on the user manual to download the app.

It is simple to connect to the wallet once the app is installed by following the directions in the handbook. You simply have to scan the QR code that is visible on the Ellipal Titan using the phone’s camera. There is no need for Bluetooth or connections, and it was incredibly simple. This is the power of an Air-Gapped Wallet.

8. Update of The Firmware

You must obtain the most recent version of the firmware as a ZIP archive from the ELLIPAL homepage to upgrade the firmware. After that, the archive is copied to a micro-SD card and put inside the ELLIPAL security adaptor. Only cards with a capacity of up to 32GB are accepted.

You should switch off the device, and connect the adapter and computer to charge the battery. You can begin the updating procedure in the settings by turning on the hardware wallet once more.

It’s crucial to avoid disconnecting the adapter during the upgrade procedure. It can take more than five minutes to complete the update.

9. Documentation and Support

A brief guidebook that walks you through the most crucial steps in English is included with ELLIPAL. On the official homepage, there is a modest knowledge base that provides solutions to frequently asked issues.

You can get in touch with the support staff through the site if you have any additional inquiries.

Both the hardware wallet and the software are available in English.

MetaMask Compatible

This Ellipal Titan Review would be incomplete without the mention of Metamask’s compatibility.

Ellipal Titan Review - Metamask Compatible
Ellipal Titan Review – Metamask Compatible

Sometime back Ellipal announced its compatibility with Metamask. This was an awaited announcement as many investors use Metamask for investing in different crypto assets. Further, with Ellipal’s support the little vulnerable Metamask can now become totally secured software wallet too.

10. What Are The Pros and Cons of Ellipal Titan?


  1. Private keys are kept in airtight containers for cold storage.
  2. No data is sent out by wallet; just QR codes are used to conclude the transactions.
  3. Wallet is impenetrable i.e. Anti-Temper & Anti-Disassembly.
  4. Ellipal App makes sending and receiving money simple.
  5. Never exposing private keys to the internet.
  6. Supports multiple Blockchains, Coins & Tokens
  7. Provides access to Decentralized Exchanges & DApps


  1. The Ellipal Titan has a quantity limit of supported assets compared to what is available. However, they are much more than the other Hardware Wallets available on the market.
  2. Sightly higher priced than alternative methods of cold storage.
  3. No support for desktops.

11. Best Features of Ellipal Titan

The tamper-proof construction of the Ellipal Titan Wallet, the use of QR codes to enable complete disconnection from the internet or other data connection point, and the simplicity of usage with the Ellipal app are some of its main characteristics.

Unless you use a lot of force, the gadget is virtually impenetrable, and even if you manage to force your way inside the case, the device will destroy all the private keys it has saved. This will render it useless for anyone trying to gain access.

Compared to other devices like the Trezor Model T or Ledger Nano X this feature, which makes the device tamper-proof, is very significant.

The device can function as a cold storage wallet because all transactions are complete using QR codes.

When sending cryptocurrency from your Ellipal Titan you have to take the following steps:

Step 1

To create a QR code, you must generate a transaction in the Ellipal App.

Step 2

The wallet then creates a QR code that contains the signed transactions once you scan this QR code using the camera on the Ellipal Titan Wallet.

Step 3

After the transaction has been broadcasted from the Ellipal App and has been signed by the device, you can scan that QR code using the app.

Your private key is not transferred at any stage during this process, making it very secure.

The entire procedure only takes a minute, making the wallet quick & very simple to use. Since the wallet lacks internet access, it is the Ellipal App that displays all balances instead of the wallet. It allows you to see the totals and prices of your stored assets.

12. What are the Crypto Currencies Supported by Ellipal Titan?

An integral part of Ellipal Titan Review is the number of coins that it supports.

The device currently supports 46 cryptocurrency assets and more than 10000 tokens. On their website, they proudly note that new coins add every month. The device can supports the following blockchains including:

  1. Solana
  2. Hedera
  3. Bitcoin
  4. Ethereum
  5. Binance Smart Chain
  6. Avalanche
  7. Polygon
  8. Fantom
  9. Polkadot
  10. Tron
  11. Cosmos
  12. Kusama
  13. Tezos etc.

The above were few of the supported blockchains and here is a link to all the coins & tokens that Ellipal supports

13. Is Ellipal Titan Safe to Use?

Being an air-gapped, cold storage wallet, the Ellipal Titan Wallet is incredibly secure as there is no connection to the Internet.

Since Ellipal  Titan Wallet uses QR Codes for payments it is secure from hackers. All QR codes are secure and verifiable. To boost user confidence, Ellipal has posted its coding on GitHub using a QR code.

A highly sturdy piece of hardware, the Ellipal Titan comprises a single, all-metal shell that is airtight, dustproof, and water resistant. Moreover, it deletes all of the private keys stored in it if someone tries to breach the physical shell. Your assets are still secure and can restore using the recovery seed you set up when you first configured the device.

Ellipal Titan Review for security can be summarized as below:

Ellipal Titan is a very safe Hardware Wallet and has been crafted with utmost care.

14. The Operating System That Ellipal Titan Supports

Since the Ellipal Titan is a hardware wallet designed for mobile devices, it is regrettably incompatible with desktop operating systems and is only accessible through mobile apps for Android and iOS.

15. Potential Dealbreakers for Ellipal Titan

The Ellipal Titan Wallet has just two drawbacks in total. The first is the price of USD 169 (offered at $139 at the time of writing this article).

It is significantly more expensive than products like the Ledger Nano X, but you pay for a larger, more secure piece of hardware with a full touch screen and integrated camera. Even though it is more expensive, the extra expenses are justified, and if you are storing thousands of dollars worth of cryptocurrency assets, it is worthwhile to protect them.

The quantity of assets now supported by the Ellipal Titan is the other potential drawback. While it does support most of the popular crypto assets, certain important one Chainlink (LINK) is absent.

Nevertheless, they are adding support for new assets every month, so this drawback will probably go away eventually.

The Verdict

One of the top crypto hardware wallets available right now is the Ellipal Titan. A robust gadget that is resistant to tampering and the elements, compatible with Android and iOS devices, and storing more than 10,000 coins are all features of this item.

It is also 100% air-gapped. Even better, it is a more reasonable price than the leading rivals at USD 169. If you have a sizable amount of cryptocurrency that you want to store safely, this wallet is unquestionably something you should take into account.

It is safer because of the security pattern and the several verification stages. Quick account recovery and the option to choose which cryptocurrency to display. Excellent design that feels premium in the hand and is very light in weight.

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