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NFT or Non Fungible tokens are the hottest topic in the world of blockchain. It gained a lot of popularity after some of the NFTs were sold on the NFT marketplace for millions.

Following the trend, many new individuals and companies have started creating their own collections of NFTs. However, the only problem that remains unanswered for them is the adequate amount of funding for its development and lack of audience. 

To resolve this, Initial NFT Offering Launchpads came into existence and many more are coming to the market now and then. INO launchpads not only help project developers they also help the initial investor as they can invest early and gain more.

Let’s have a look at some of the most popular and best initial NFT offering launchpads, that has made the NFT market the next best place for investment and NFT creation.

1. NFTb Launch

NFTb Launch is one-of-a-kind and among the best INO launchpads out there. It was created to help the projects and creators launch their NFT projects on the Binance Smart Chain. The major aim of the platform was to keep the launch fair to all in order to participate in it. With the NFTb launchpad, the creators are able to build up an early community through the INO (Initial NFT Offering). 

Best INO Launchpads #1 - NFTb
Best INO Launchpads #1 – NFTb

It is considered to be one of the best platforms in regards to the features it provides and the unique opportunity it provides to the creators to lower the risk of entry for creating resource-intensive projects. It is why many developers launch their NFT projects on this platform during the initial development of the project. It helps them in getting support and funding for the project with special access to assets for investors.

So how does NFTb differs from the other INO platforms out there? The year 2021 was considered to be one of the best years for NFT as the market witnessed unprecedented growth in a short time. Due to this, the demand for high-quality NFT also increased. 

It led to the development of many new projects which offered something more than before in terms of quality. NFTb found a new solution that incentivize and reward the supporters of the projects in a way that was inclusive and created a low barrier of entry for NFT and project supporters. 

The major problem with most of the INO platforms was that the project remained inaccessible to the masses. NFTb launch empowers both the creators and the project to launch the NFT by choosing the first come first serve and lottery model to fairly distribute the NFT.

NFTb has native tokens called NFTB, which are required by the users to access a particular NFT. Users in the highest tier will benefit from the extremely rare and sought-after NFTs in each project. The two models through which the NFT project is launched are:

  • FCFS(First Come First Serve): the earliest users with the required amount of tier access and who register, will be whitelisted for INO.
  • Lottery System: All users with the required amount of tier access can register to be whitelisted for participation. If the users are more than the NFT or spots available, they will be allocated through a lottery. 

To participate in NTFb INOs you can buy NTFb cryptocurrency at the following Exchanges:

2. Polkastarter

It has managed to gain its position among the best INO platforms in a very short period of time. The platform leverages its extensive experience in the world of NFT and uses proven industry awareness across the partner network.

Best INO Launchpads #2 -Polkastarter
Best INO Launchpads #2 -Polkastarter

The platform has already launched more than 108 projects on its INO launchpad and has an average raise of $472,000 for each project. 

With over 35,000 unique investors, the company has been able to raise a total of $48.5 million now for various projects. Polkastarter comes with a global reach of dedicated backers and investors in a completely transparent and decentralized setting. It helps the creators to grow and nurture the most loyal supporters right from the start of any NFT project. 

Complete control over Fundraising

They allow the creators to have complete control over the fundraising. This in turn helps them to create a better community of investors with an enhanced experience.

As per the public details shared by the platform, they have more than 100K telegram members, more than 615K followers on Twitter and more than 87K discord members, which helps them to promote any NFT project in a much better way than other platforms. It comes with various other features like:

  • Advisory programs help the creators with advisory, incubation and introductions to key industry players.
  • Tokenomic design which helps in things like vesting schedules, token utility, staking programs, liquidity, mining and more
  • Follow-on-capital allows for an introduction to investors and funds
  • Marketing support from Polkastarter helps to build community and campaigns
  • Provides branding strategy like Digital vulture, brand positioning service and market assessment
  • Listing and scaling in exchanges, market makers, liquidity and auditors.

The entire process of launching an INO project is done through a five-step process:

  • The project is applied to the Polkastarter Governance Portal
  • The research team reviews the application and moves the selected project to the next step
  • The Council received the projects and checks them before making the final decision
  • Once approved, the project gets full team support, leading to the sale
  • Launch of NFT collection on the official Polkastarter website.

Apart from this, the platform also provides pre-launch support with features like announcement campaigns, marketing strategies, video production and live AMA sessions.

At the time of launch, it helps with support, sharing launch results, and campaign review. Post-launch the platform will help with performance review, strategy review, success promo campaign and Live Poolside podcast.

To participate in Polkastarter INOs you can buy POLS cryptocurrency at the following Exchanges:

3. AirNFTs

Airnfts is one of a kind INO launchpad that is built on BSC, Fantom, and Polygon. The launchpad focuses on better user experience and ease of use to create, buy, sell or trade the NFTs.

Best INO Launchpads #3 - AirNFTs
Best INO Launchpads #3 – AirNFTs

The Airnfts INO launchpad platform is not only created for trading activities with the crypto but also helps the creators to raise the funds for the projects through the INO process and get access to the partners and NFT community.

Airnfts is considered to be one of the best features loaded INO launchpads, which provides great services and features like:

Low Fees

The platform charges the lowest fee when compared to the other best INO launchpads in the market. Due to this, creators can develop and fund their projects with better profits. Also, a lower fee means a more sustainable environment for the NFT projects that will be launched in the future.


It also supports the INO launch of many different NFTs that have been created as a game and offers various NFT arts related to it. It not only helps build a popular community for the NFT project related to the game but also provides it with the promotion it requires before the launch.


The platform helps you to host the project on various blockchain platforms like Binance Smart Chain, Fantom, and Polygon.

Community focussed and Open to everyone

The platform is community focused and brings together like-minded investors and participants for various NFT projects. It also provides fair participation for the NFT projects which helps in the equal allocation of the assets.

To participate in AirNFTs INOs you can buy AIRT cryptocurrency at the following Exchange:

4. Only1

Only1 is not only popular among all the other INO launchpads but is also the best initial NFT offering platform right now. It offers INO offerings through which anyone can issue limited edition NFTs on the decentralized platform.

Best INO Launchpads #4 - Only1
Best INO Launchpads #4 – Only1

The platform allows both individual NFT creators and blockchain companies to launch their NFT collection, gain investors and fund their projects. 

It also assures the community to vote for promising projects on the platform and rewards the winners. The platform also grants active users and token holders exclusive NFT project launch access.

The community has both active traders and experienced investors which enables the NFT project to gain good momentum during the early development stage and after launch, which reduces the risk of entry for creating any resource intensive NFT projects. 

Only1 also promises lower transaction fees to the NFT creators as it is running on the Solana blockchain platform. With lower transaction costs, the investors benefit from the inherent supply scarcity of the NFTs. Its native social platform capability increases the visibility of the NFT project to certain creators, increasing the value of NFT.

To participate in Only1 INOs you can buy LIKE cryptocurrency at the following Exchanges:

5. Seedify

Another popular platform for initial NFT offerings is Seedify. Seedify is one of the most experienced companies in this segment and is also the best INO launchpad.

Best INO Launchpads #5 -SeediFy
Best INO Launchpads #5 -SeediFy

It already has an IDO and IMO platform with a lot of trusted investor communities. With so many INO launchpads in the market right now, Seedify is the most trusted among them. 

The platform has already helped hundreds of NFT projects to gain funding and investors even before it launched. It also provides articles and helps content for new NFT project creators to help them in listing for the INO. It has a lot of features on offer like Presale access, and Mint prices, and also provides a user tha chance to get whitelisted, through which they can purchase the NFT through the initial reserve price. 

The process for applying the NFT project for INO on Seedify is simple. After the project is submitted, it is reviewed by the council of Seedify. Once it is approved, it is prepared for launch on the platform. The projects are passed by three different professional NFT research teams before it is launched for the community to invest in. 

Seedify also provides a lot of features pre and post-launch of the NFT projects. It also provides the creators with a dashboard through which they can handle all the aspects of their  NFT collection and INO offerings. If you are looking for a reliable and experienced INO launchpad, then do not look beyond Seedify.

To participate in Seedify INOs you can buy SFUND cryptocurrency at the following Exchanges:

6. MochiPad

MochiPad is a comparatively newer INO launchpad but is considered among the best INO platforms due to the features and experience it is backed up with. The platform is made by Singapore’s MochiLab’s Mochi.Market.

Best INO Launchpads #6 - MochiPad
Best INO Launchpads #6 – MochiPad

Their INO platform was launched last year and soon after it was able to provide funding to hundreds of NFT projects till now. 

The platform provides top-tier NFT projects, songwriters, digital artists, access rights, game utilities, creators, and more to the masses. The company claims it is one of the most innovative and extensive INO launchpads in the market right now.

It incorporates the unique functionality of Mochi.Market’s decentralized exchange ecosystem for NFTs. It comes with an extensive suite of Mochi NFT products that are used to accelerate the growth of crowdfunding campaigns. 

Each NFT is distinctively unique and accompanied by the onboarding partner’s utilities. As per the company, their inclusion of fractionalization technology in the INO is one of the most unique features that is not available in any other INO right now.

It provides access to INO sales of top NFT projects and enables partners to interact with the community. 

They provide utilities to the NFT holders, which allow fractionalized ownership of the NFTs. The INO platform is powered using the $MOMA token. The token holders can participate in exclusive opportunities to know about the project’s success in the future.

The platform also allows all Non-NFT projects to offer NFT through their launchpad. It offers two types of INO launchpads.

  • Offer the whole NFT for sale where each unit price will be higher
  • Offer fractionalized NFTs in the INO stage for investors who want part ownership in the NFT. It helps NFT creators to gain a larger user base and is also a great option for people who cannot invest in an entire NFT. 


These are some of the best initial NFT offering launchpads (best INO launchpads) in the market right now. Before any NFT project is launched through these INOs, they are reviewed by the research teams, and only launched if they are thought of as investment-worthy for the investor’s community. 

Some of the platforms also allow the investors to vote on the project, which helps the company to decide on the NFT project that will be launched.

To gain maximum and global audience exposure for any NFT project, these INO launchpads are the best platform. 

They are also great for those NFT projects, which are looking for investment right from the time of their development. They offer a decentralized platform for transparency and a dashboard to keep control in the hands of the NFT creator.

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