5 Best Airdrop Websites You shouldn’t Miss in 2023

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When it comes to Cryptocurrencies, there are lots of tools used by Cryptocurrency Projects to market their products. One such tool is giving Free AirDrops. Wondering what an Airdrop means, we will get to that shortly.

The concept of giving Free Airdrops is becoming more and more common when it comes to the recent trends in the cryptocurrency market. With so many people running faster and faster to take part. It’s important for every investor to know exactly:

  • What AirDrops are?
  • Where can they get free AirDrops?
  • What needs to be done to get free AirDrops?
  • Which are the best airdrop websites that offer Free AirDrops? and so on

so they can take part in these “draws”.

If you are on the side of those who make real money from it. We can help you understand the concept of Airdrop. So that you can use it in your favor in all resources. The more players enter the crypto-asset sector the greater the need for a return on their investment.

The airdrop concept attracts more people willing to make money while participating and investing in the cryptocurrency project.

What is a cryptocurrency airdrop and why is it so important?

An airdrop marketing strategy involves free tokens or coins, on completion of certain tasks.

These tasks may involve joining a Telegram group or following Twitter accounts, and retweeting their tweets. In some cases filling out a form, or registering on the crypto project website. The airdrop campaign often rewards participants with more free coins when they refer others.

At times, receiving airdrops of a digital asset may ask no task other than holding a certain different token. For example, a subtype of airdrop is a “holder airdrop.” »

The purpose of any airdrop campaign is to create awareness and promote a new cryptocurrency. The free coins increase the:

  • number of followers,
  • user base, and
  • coin holders.

All cryptographic game airdrops come with a lot of free coins or even a token attached to the game. So that you are always aware of everything that is happening in the game. It also increases the opportunities to increase your earnings or your gameplay to enhance.

How can you earn cryptocurrency or NFT airdrops in a variety of ways?

Participating in airdrop campaigns can be lucrative. Several airdrop participants have benefited from this. It also increases the ability to buy these tokens at a much cheaper rate during the presale.

If want to take advantage of some of those “free” tokens? You are in the right place. Read on to find out the best sites where you can find legit airdrops. Dont forget to grab your piece of the cryptocurrency pie.

For example, one of the most common is performing in-game missions. It depends on the complexity and releases airdrops from different assets.

Another way to ensure this is to let you take part in game engagement campaigns on social media. Which involves sharing posts or even posting game-related content.

Airdrops lets you enjoy the gaming experience along with becoming more diligent in it.

For example, who has seen this dynamic, very present in games, of opening a chest every four or eight hours? Didn’t that force you to open the game from time to time or to get to the chest’s contents?

Now imagine crypto games are like those games in which you earn money while. It is this type of airdrop that we are going to talk about now.

This ensures that more tokens are received from the game. It also increases the chance of purchasing assets and helps to build a great investment portfolio.

Additionally, Airdrops allow us to buy assets within the gaming platform in a simple and straightforward manner. Which also increases their ability to have more stimulating and automated gameplay.

It is possible to make real money from Airdrops while playing the game.

In this way, you can increase your earnings in a very staggered manner. Which also guarantees a higher financial return and better playability.

Airdrop Crypto – Why Do Crypto Projects Offer Airdrops?

Reward users

Making tokens available to users is one way to encourage everyone who supports the project. This reward allows people to first hold the token coins as a reward for completing the requested tasks.

Supporting a new network

During a fork, active crypto owners are given to users of the main network. As an example, Bitcoin users received tokens at the launch of the project for supporting the project from its inception. This is also the same case for Ethereum classic holders for the Callisto airdrop.

Contributing to network decentralization

Airdropping cryptos is one of the ways to give more hardening to the blockchain network security of a crypto project. Those who receive these tokens as a reward, therefore, become validators and hence contribute to the decentralization of the network.

Publicize the company and the project.

The distribution of airdrops is an effective way to present a company and its project to a large audience. Thanks to the free distribution of coinbase crypto airdrops. The company encourages investors to take an interest in its project and to take part in its fundraising.

5 Best sites for free Airdrops

1. CoinmarketCap

CoinMarketCap, a price-tracking website for digital assets, tops the list for obvious reasons. Founded in 2013 by Brandon Chez, CoinMarketCap has become one of the most trusted sources for crypto enthusiasts.

Best Airdrop Websites #1 - Coinmarketcap
Best Airdrop Websites #1 – Coinmarketcap

With high trust, CoinMarketCap is a major media outlet, including Bloomberg and CNBC.

CoinMarketCap’s mission is “to make crypto discoverable and effective on a global scale. This is achieved by providing retail users with unbiased, high-quality, and accurate information to draw their own informed conclusions.” »

Each coin or token listed on the website shows users everything they need to know. This includes the token’s contract addresses, website, and other contacts. It involves blockchain and real-time price.

On CoinMarketCap’s airdrop campaign listings, you’ll find three categories:

  • completed airdrops,
  • ongoing airdrops, and
  • future airdrops.

Airdrops in the “future” category inform when airdrop goes live. You can whitelist the airdrop and you’ll be notified hours before it goes live.

2. Airdrops.io

Airdrops are a free airdrops repository. Airdrops.io is “a free crypto airdrop aggregator”. It has no involvement with any airdrops posted on the website. No doubt it publishes legitimate airdrops.

Best Airdrop Websites #2 - Airdrops.io
Best Airdrop Websites #2 – Airdrops.io

Airdrops.io offers six categories of airdrops:

Want to keep up to date with the latest or upcoming ones. Then you can subscribe to their newsletter and receive airdrop notifications in your emails.

3. Airdrop alert

Airdrop Alert is a free resource, that helps people locate legitimate airdrops and freebies in the cryptocurrency world. Founded in 2017 as the first platform for crypto airdrops. Morten Christensen the founder wanted to help new crypto enthusiasts avoid airdrops and fraudulent giveaways. Airdrop alert does diligent research before posting an airdrop on the site.

Best Airdrop Websites #3 - Airdropalert.com
Best Airdrop Websites #3 – Airdropalert.com

It is common practice among crypto enthusiasts to always do your own DYOR research before committing to any airdrop campaign.

Airdrop Alert has the same kind of functionality as the CoinMarketCap and Airdrops.io. It contains a rich list of airdrop campaigns. This includes:

  • DeFi Airdrops,
  • NFT Airdrops,
  • New Airdrops,
  • Featured Airdrops,
  • Exclusive Airdrops, and
  • Upcoming Airdrops.

Apart from crypto airdrops, Airdrop Alert helps crypto newbies learn everything necessary through their extensive blog resources.

4. AirdropKing.io

Best Airdrop Websites #4 - Airdropking.io
Best Airdrop Websites #4 – Airdropking.io

Unlike the rest, it is said that Airdrop King further goes the extra mile to evaluate each option. It also provides enough information to help you get the most out of any airdrop.

5. ICO Drops

Icodrops is yet another free airdrop website that is loved by the users. It provides a calender of active and upcoming air drops.

Best Airdrop Websites #5 - Icodrops
Best Airdrop Websites #5 – Icodrops

It has an interesting feature of “ICO Stats” which displays the ROI (Return on Investment) of each airdrop.

Best Airdrop Websites – What are the benefits of Airdrops?

1. Earn free money

The beneficiary earns free money thanks to the higher or lower value of the tokens. Although the value of the tokens is sometimes a little low. But it is still again to be won for all those who make the airdrops.

After the tokens are distributed, one can trade and make money. It is possible to let the coins distribute in the market. Until and unless they take a large value before selling them. In these cases, the gain to be gained will be very considerable.

2. Build a great network

The developer team demonstrates that the network functions. Thanks to the distribution of cryptocurrency airdrops to several addresses.

The offer of tokens is a way to ensure the functioning and evolution of the network. It requires the distribution of tokens to several people. which makes it ideal for the project.

3. Affordable

Investors find that transaction fees are very low and accessible. Thus Cryptocurrency airdrops are generally important when it comes to making their transactions. Unlike other cryptocurrencies, the transaction fees for crypto airdrops are very low.

4. Great Image

Generally, crypto projects that promote airdrops help to maintain, loyalty, and commitment to the project.

The developers of the project are working to meet everyone who participates in the advancement of the new crypto. They are available to respond to the concerns of all those involved in the progress of the project.

You should always do your own research

Cryptocurrency airdrop campaigns, while free, still need commitment. Many people have hit the cryptocurrency jackpot through airdrops

Some, too, have fallen victim to crypto scams. This is why doing self-research makes the deal profitable. So, with these four sites, you are well on your way to starting your search for legit airdrop campaigns.

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